How to Assemble the Foosball Table?


Playing foosball is quite fun. The rush feeling you get when you and your men lead to the ball to the goal. But when you are asked to assemble the foosball table by yourself, you stress out.

You start thinking about many things like which rod has how many men and which rod is to be placed where.

Well, don’t worry because today I will be guiding you how you can assemble a foosball table all by yourself and in literally no time. All you need is a few pointers and a few guidelines. So, let’s get started.

The Way of Assembling:

Although manufacturing manuals come with your foosball table (which are carrying the company’s instructions), there is one common way to get your foosball table together as one unit.

If you are about to assemble your foosball table from scratch, then this guideline will surely benefit you. All you have to do it to follow the below-mentioned points and you will be able to assemble your foosball table in no time. Of course, you need to remain patient.

1. Collect All Parts:

What you need to do in the first place is to collect your foosball table in an unassembled way. The box will contain all the things that you need in order to fully structure a foosball table. Those things can be as following;

  • Players or men
  • Cabinet
  • Rods or bars
  • Balls
  • Bumpers
  • Legs
  • wraps
  • Tubes
  • Cup holder
  • Pins and pouches
  • Scoring units

You can lay them in front of you so when you are assembling them, you don’t miss out on anything, or you have to run for something. Also, you will need other tools as well for the tightening of the screws and other things like;

  • Screwdrivers
  • Balancer
  • hammer

You will notice that among all your accessories that come with foosball purchase, you will have many buts and bolts; you will have to make sure that you don’t mix them up and place them in such way that you easily access them and without mixing them up.

You can also arrange them in such sequential order like whichever thing is to be used first can be up front while the last thing to be used in the assembling can be placed at last.

2. Manufacturer’s Manual:

Then you will look for the manufacturer’s manual which comes with the purchased foosball set.

You will find all the instructions written in clear words for you. You will also see that the instructions are well explained with the help of pictures as well for your convenience.

Here you must remember that each foosball table is different from the other and so their manual will also be different. So never go with this option that since my friend has a manual, I can do the parts purchasing only.

Totally wrong and you will end up regretting it. So, go with the manual of your purchased model and build according to that or follow the mentioned here steps so you can build easily.

Always keep the manual in front of you in such a way that it is easily accessible, and you can take guidance from it whether you are between the setting up or before and after.

3. First – Legs:

This is very important to remember that you will need to arrange the legs of the table, the very first thing. It is easy to work when the table is at waist height than it is on the floor.

4. Turn the Cabinet Upside Down:

You will see that the cabinet has spaces designed for the legs of the table. Get the four legs near you, so it is easy for you to collect them when working.

Get the specially designed buts and bolts for the locking purpose of the legs and appropriate screwdriver to work them.

Usually, each leg has four bolts and one nut to secure them at the other end. Fix the legs one by one till all the legs are done.

Turn the cabinet back to its normal position and see if the table is static or moving from any side. In case the table is not balanced 100%, try to measure it with the help of a carpenter’s level and you will accurately tight the legs.

When the legs are done, you will move to the next step that is the management of rods and men.

5. Cloth Piece On Table Surface:

when you have placed the table on the top of the legs, and the table is accurately placed and 100% balanced; you must spread a spare sheet of cloth on the table surface because you will need that when you will be adjusting your table rods.

When you are busy adjusting them and aligning them accurately, little debris of metal or rods will fall on the surface, and it can ruin the top of the table. So, it is always better to secure the top of the table first then work the rods accordingly.

Also, when you are managing the men on the rods, again little dirt pieces can fall which can be collected on that cloth piece that we spread on the table. Whether something falls or not, having security is always better.

6. Second – Adjust the men on rods: there are 4 rods in total on each side of the table. Each rod carries a different number of men according to the positions.

You must remember that the number of men on the rod determines the position like defense or forward. Usually, by the modern foosball table, there are either three men or 4 men on the rods placed either at forwarding position or defense.

When you have determined the position and the number of men, slide the rod in the allotted holes on the cabinet.

When you have slid the rod enough, pass on the men on the rods. Remember to slide the bumper for each number of men you want on the rod. Bumpers are what protect the men from hitting the table. Keep the bumper and washer on both sides of the rod and each rod as well.

Try to fix the handles on each rod and tighten them for easy grip and handling of them.

Then fix the scoreboard as according to the instructions.

Then follow the ball cup holder on each side and fix them with the help of nuts and bolts.

7. Optional accessories:

You can always attach different accessories which come with tables such as flashy lightening or any other such materials which can highlight your gameplay or make it look interesting.

There are many options available when you go into the market but make sure before purchasing that it goes with your table and your mood and of course the spirit of the game.


Working on a foosball table could never have been more fun than being able to build one by yourself.
In such a way, you get attached to the table and respect the game more. Also, you fall more in love with foosball.

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