10 Best Foosball Tables 2018

So you do enjoy an occasional foosball game?

or you are a professional player?

In both cases, CHEERS!! Because foosball table is a center of socialization among family, friends and colleagues.

There are some big names involved in manufacturing of foosball tables like Tornado, Garlando, Bonzini, Warrior, Atomic, Carrom and Kick.

But whenever we approach a foosball table, we always think…

Is this table good? Will it be fun to play on such table?

You don’t have to worry about it now, Yess! You are hearing it right!

With our list of top 10 foosball tables, we have eased this thought process for you.

Now, you can easily select a table of your choice from our list.

List of Best Foosball Tables 2018

NameDimensionsWeight (pounds)
Tornado Tournament 300056 L x 30 W (70 inches including rods) x 36 H inches355Check Price
Atomic Pro Force56L x 29.5W x 34.5H inches144Check Price
Carrom Signature50.3 x 36 x 55 inches (W x H x D)162Check Price
Kick Ambassador55″ L X 30″ W X 36″ H136Check Price
Tornado Sport TTXSP56 x 30 x 36 inches205Check Price
Atomic Gladiator58.5 x 33.3 x 14.8 inches225Check Price
Warrior Professional56 x 30 x 36 inches195Check Price
EastPoint Sports Preston54″ long x 34.5″ high x 29.5″ wide86Check Price
Hathaway Primo BG103560 x 40 x 12 inches136.7Check Price
American Legend Charger FT20052 x 20 x 28 inches83Check Price

#1 Tornado Tournament 3000 – Best Foosball Table Brand

Tornado Tournament 3000

The Tornado Tournament 3000 has been awarded Best American Foosball Table.

It has all the great quality parts and features that make it the number one table.

As its name suggests, this table is suitably designed for tournaments but is also available for homes without coin-operated ball return.

It allows better ball control because the players have sharp edges and better cross section.


  • 1 year Manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Adjustable leg levelers.
  • Counterbalanced men.
  • Smooth bearings.
  • High Quality Table with great durability.
  • No assembly required.


  • Heavy and solid table which is good in aspect of quality but you need two strong people to put it together.

Why I Choose this at NUMBER # 1:

It is one of the most high quality tables in the market. If you want to have fun but also don’t want to compromise on the quality then this is the right table for you. It is a bit expensive, but you get what you pay for.

#2 Atomic Pro Force

Atomic Pro Force

This is the most affordable table by the atomic manufacturers. It is certainly not a professional table but it is of great quality in cheap price.

Although Atomic Pro Force is more suitable for the professional players but it is built with keeping kids in mind as well. It is safe and secure.
It comes with an internal ball entry and ball return system.

It has some flaws like sometimes the edges will peel off and bubbles will appear as well.


  • It is sleek and durable.
  • Excellent game play.
  • Kid-friendly.
  • Rubber octagonal handles provides excellent grip
  • Unique styled robot players
  • Angled sides which keeps the ball moving


  • Wears Easily.
  • Lacking Color.
  • Hard and very time taking to assemble.

Why I Choose this at NUMBER # 2:

The great thing about this table is, it is built keeping players in mind which offers fluent gameplay and fun for adults and kids both.
It consumes a great deal of time in assembling but once you are done assembling, you can enjoy a lot playing on this table.

#3 Carrom Signature

Carrom Signature

This table is a combination of quality and functionality.

You want to have a family foosball table in a tight budget that also provides professional gameplay?

Carrom signature is the answer!!

This model is known for its versatility because it comes in a wide variety of cabinet finishes. So you can buy one according to the theme of your room.

The one inch thick MDF cabinet resists the wear and tear and provides sturdiness.

The best part is this table comes with two sets of players.

One is a set of counterbalanced robo style players which provides control and fast gameplay.

The second set comes in when you want the 3 man goalie system but these are hand-painted men which are not counterbalanced.

It has 5/8 inch diameter chrome plated hollow steel rods with premium bearings which means fast and smooth action. It also has wooden handles which provide firm grip which makes the players easy to control.

Legs are made of black vinyl with triple chrome plated leg levelers that offers stability and balance on any surface.


  • Four cabinet designs.
  • Fast gameplay and solid construction.
  • Two sets of players.
  • Firm handle grip.
  • Adjustable leg levelers.


  • The ball returns at the end of the table makes the ball retrieval uneasy as compared to the ball returns at the sides of the table.
  • The other thing is its assembling, it takes a lot of effort and time in assembling. You will definitely need a hand or two to install the table.
  • This table is not suitable for kids or beginners as it is a little more complex. This table is ideally suited for mid-level and pro players.

Why I Choose this at NUMBER # 3:

The reason I chose this table at number 3 is that it gives total value for your money. You will be getting a table for your family/home with great look, quality and control which will last long.

So what you are thinking about?

GO purchase this table and have all the fun with your family!

#4 Kick Ambassador

Kick Ambassador

This mid-range table is built keeping in mind the toughness, aggressive gameplay and elegant look.

Even if you use this table roughly it can go a long way but obviously time to time maintenance would be required.

It is sturdy and stable with thick surface, cabinets and a mahogany finish which is why it is a bit heavy.

The blue and red foosball men on green surface provides an attractive look.

It has 5 inch leg levelers with rubber bottom which gives it great balance on any surface.

The counterbalanced men with slick toes mean precise control and easy shot making as compared to rounded toes.


  • Life time warranty.
  • Sturdiness and durability.
  • 5″ leg levelers.
  • Wooden handles.
  • Counterbalanced men with slick toes.


  • It does not have hollow steel rods which mean more effort in making smooth and quick moves that leads to wrist strain. Although you can avoid this by playing with a little bit of discipline.
  • Ball returns are at the end of the table so you have to reach them by stretching every time a goal is scored.

Why I Choose this at NUMBER # 4:

This table is stable and strong enough to bear an intense gameplay. It guarantees table’s longevity with lifetime warranty. Its elegant look means you can set it up comfortably at your home.

This table is suitable for kids, beginners and mid-level players which provides a professional experience to them.

#5 Tornado Sport TTXSP

Tornado Sport TTXSP

Tornado Sport TTXSP foosball table is good for both the beginners and experienced players.

It has a beautiful mahogany melamine finish with 1 inch thick cabinet which gives it durability and a premium look which is sure enough to impress your friends and family.

It will look great even if you set it up at your office as well as at a fun place like a farmhouse or a home used for picnics with a lake view.

It provides you with durability and reasonably good control over the game.

It has height adjustable legs with boot levels which offer balance and SureGrip black plastic handles which provides a good grip without hurting your hands.

The main drawback of this table is the non-counterbalanced men due to which shots speed, accuracy and control is compromised a bit which is the main reason why this table is not used at professional level.

You can have the counterbalanced men but you have to pay extra for it.


  • 1 inch thick cabinet with mahogany melamine finish.
  • Perfect to use from kids to adults.
  • Height adjustable legs with boot levels.
  • SureGrip black plastic handles.


  • Non-counterbalanced foosball men.
  • Ball returns at the end of the table.

Why I Choose this at NUMBER # 5:

It is not a heavy duty professional table with all the features and decoration but it will certainly provide you a good gameplay and great longevity in table’s life which is all you want if you are buying a table for your family.

#6 Atomic Gladiator

Atomic Gladiator

The atomic gladiator is the ultimate fun table you want to have anywhere and anytime. Its appealing look and sturdiness makes it a good table for home use and for fun places like farmhouse and bars.

The table is made up of MDF wood which makes it heavy and reflects its durability so it can take a long hard game any day. Its leg levelers and even playing field provides balance which ensures smooth and fair game.

The field and foosball men give you the look of an actual soccer field. The uniformed foosball men make you feel that you are actually operating a real man. Such an interactive design captures the attention and interest of the foosball players.

The cup holder adds to the fun if you want to enjoy a drink or a cup of tea/coffee while playing.

Although it is a good deal according to its price but it lacks some of the things that should be included in a high end table like hollow steel rods, non-counterbalanced men. That is the reason it is not considered as a professional table.


  • Solid steel rods with nylon brushings providing good grip and control.
  • Internal ball return and ball entry system for easy ball retrieval.
  • Adjustable 3.5” leg levelers for even playing field.


  • No hollow steel rods.
  • Non-counterbalanced men.
  • For an alone man, it can take 2 to 3 hours to assemble it.
  • The warranty Is only for 90 days which is not a long time.

Why I Choose this at NUMBER # 6:

If you want to have high level fun but you can compromise on some of the features then this is the table for you. Its appealing looking and good gameplay will keep you engage for hours.

#7 Warrior Professional

Warrior Professional

The warrior professional table is a great high end professional table available in reasonable price.

It is the only table in this price range which is recognized by the ITSF and USTSF.

Players from rookie level to professional level can enjoy a lot on this table.

Its classic black color and chrome rods gives it a great look and you can set this up at your workplace and home.

It is a bit lightweight but it is very consistent on different surfaces and its adjustable legs with rubber at their bottom provide more balance and stability.

This table is the safest for kids because of its custom rod guards. This is one of the main reasons of the popularity of this table.

There is a reason why this table is not in our top five list. This table come with tacky balls due to which the game slows down and ball often gets stuck in corner’s dead zone. It is a plus point for new players but intermediate or professional level players get annoyed because of the slowness of the ball.


  • Only table recognized by ITSF and USTSF.
  • Unique rod guard system which ensures safety.
  • Counterbalanced men.
  • Fast and easy to assemble.


  • The tacky balls.
  • Expensive if you are purchasing the first foosball table.
  • Although I praised the leg levelers, they are not up to the mark. They aren’t robust and could use some improvement.

Why I Choose this at NUMBER # 7:

This table is recognized and appreciated by the players as well. It offers good gameplay, balance and stability. People of all ages love playing on this table. Except the slowness of ball and expensive for first time buyers, this table is a great package for your home!

#8 Eastpoint Sports Preston

Eastpoint Sports Preston

Eastpoint sports preston is the official competition sized table which ensures hours of great fun and competition among friends and family.
The luster long compound coating shines and protects the table from scratches, wear and tear.

It has steel player rod with robo-style players. The Eastpoint Sports bushing system allows your rods to slide and spin efficiently which improves the goal striking ability.

One attractive thing is the bead style scoring which is easy to move and remember. It comes with balls which have actual football like black and white pattern.

Leg levelers ensure even gameplay for all the players.

This table comes with a cheaply build design and quality. I have read some people’s complaint that the table broke after some use The reason is the poor design of the table which doesn’t provide the sturdiness and durability.


  • Official competition sized table.
  • Steel rods with Robo-style players.
  • High quality player’s rod bushings.
  • Attractive and useful bead style scoring.
  • Oversized leg levelers to provide even playing surface.


  • It has a limited 90 days warranty.
  • Average quality and design.

Why I Choose this at NUMBER # 8:

Although it is a good table for continuous competitive play and the accessories come with it are of high quality but overall the table isn’t of good quality which breaks down after some use. 90 days warranty with such quality is not enough time. These are the reasons which drag down this table to number 8.

#9 Hathaway Primo BG1035

Hathaway Primo bg1035

The Hathaway primo BG1035 delivers a heavy duty look with beautiful faux grain finish. It not only looks good but it has a thick MDF field surface which provides fast paced and non-stop action throughout.

This table is a solid durable construction with solid stainless steel rods, E-Z spin bearings and ABS counterbalanced foosball men.

The box like leg design and cross support beam provides the added balance and stability.

This table is only suitable for kids and teenagers.

It comes with 180 days manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Steel rods.
  • E-Z spin bearings.
  • ABS counterbalanced men.
  • Box like leg design and extra cross support beam to ensure more stability.


  • Take up a lot of time in assembling.
  • Some consumer complaints about the quality of the legs and its finishes flakes off after some use.
  • Scoring discs or beads looks good but they are difficult to slide.

Why I Choose this at NUMBER # 9:

This table stands at number 9 in my list because it is only used in houses and offices. It is mostly recommended to kids and teenagers. This table will not give you a professional level experience.

Although this table has everything a player needs but it still lacks in some areas.

#10 American Legend Charger FT200

American Legend Charger FT200

American legend charger FT200 offers the basic features of foosball table in an attractive light oak finish.

It has lightweight hollow chrome rods with plastic non-slip grips which allows playing harder and faster shot making.

It has an internal ball return system, it has 4” box style legs with cross support beam which provide it the needed stability.

This table is ideal for the families who want their kids to have indoor fun. It is not suited for intermediate and professional players who give it their all to win a competitive match.

It provides good gameplay in such price but require a lot of time to time maintenance because it lacks sturdiness and durability. Its surface absorbs moisture due to weather conditions and elevates which makes the surface uneven and slow to play.

Ball gets stuck in the corners.


  • Lightweight hollow chrome rods.
  • Internal ball return system.
  • Box like legs with extra support beam.
  • Abacus style scoring.


  • Lacks quality and sturdiness.
  • Surface uneven and elevates due to moisture absorption.
  • Ball gets stuck in corners.
  • Not for intermediate and professional players.

Why I Choose this at NUMBER # 10:

This table sits at number 10 because of its low quality and less durability. You should buy this inexpensive table only if you want your kids to use it and only if you are going to maintain it on a regular basis.

Best Foosball Table Buyer’s Guide

Best Foosball Tables

If you think of buying a foosball table, you should consider the following things:

Table Weight and Surface Thickness

If you are buying a table which weighs around 70 pounds, the playing surface should be half an inch thick so that it doesn’t tear out quickly with regular use. If you are buying a full-sized, heavier table then the surface should be one inch thick.

Best Material for a Table

The best material for the table is wood and you should make sure that the wood is of good quality otherwise it can warp and ruin the playing experience.

Playing Surface

If you are a professional player you should look for a slick playing surface so that the ball will move rapidly and you will experience great fast action. But if you are a beginner then you should prefer playing on surfaces with a little bit of friction so that you will have some time to think about your shots and practice them.


You should look for wood made octagonal rods because they provide best nonslip grip. Professional players prefer steel rods but they must be hollow so that you can play your shots instantly, it provides good control as well and it prevent from getting you wrist strains.

If you want a great playing experience, make sure that foosball men are counterbalanced with cross-hatch toes. With them, you can have precise shot control.

Bearings should be of high quality so that you can easily spin and move the rods which will be of great help during fast gameplay.


You should be comfortable with the height of the table that’s why you should buy table with height adjustable legs so it won’t hurt you posture and cause back pain.

Assembling the Table

Some tables are very complex and take a lot of time to assemble. So you should read the manual carefully or call the customer support of your respective manufacturer.

The assembling part can become more easy and fun if you lend a hand from your friends or someone from your family.


By the time you will finish this article, you would have been an expert of foosball tables. With so many options and guidance available, this knowledge will definitely help you in buying the best foosball table in the market.

Give us your feedback via comments and support the foosball community.

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