Foosball Tips and Tricks

Everyone knows how to play foosball. We have been watching our friends and elder siblings playing them like a pro. But do we know it?

If not, then no problem because today I will be guiding you few trick and tips which will make you implant an impression like no one else expected.

Although it is rather a simple game/sports, you ought to have few tricks under your sleeve to surprise your opponents and mark your game as a win.

Foosball Tips and Tricks

So, let’s see what these tips and tricks are.


you should practice as much as you can. What will make you fluent with your shoots is the practice and you need to do that as much as you can? Just like that famous saying practice makes a man perfect. Same goes here.

If you don’t practice, you will start forgetting how to control the bars and how the ball is kept within your men.

Don’t spin:

The first and basic rule you must remember is that you are at no cost allowed to spin the bar. It is against the rule, and you will lose not only your turn, but an ultimate penalty can be given to you if you continued to do so. Try to remain calm and avoid spinning the bar.

Strong Stance:

An essential tip that any professional player can give to a newbie is that one should keep a strong eye on the stance. How you stand at your table determines your grip on the game, and your confidence speaks a lot when you are in any kind of competition.

Try to keep a wide stance but not very wide, enough for you to stand comfortably and all bars within easy access.

You should remember that if you don’t have easy and quick access to all of your bars then playing the game fluently can get disturbed.

The grip Must Be Strong:

Remember that grip is just as much important as your stance. Grip defines your strength on your bar and how to handle them.

Often under pressure, we tend to get nervous or stressed out, and our hands sweats. This can cause a slippery grip. Avoid such things from happening.

A strong hand shows that you are serious about your game and you also know how to master different shots and movements of bars strongly.

Serve Should Be Neutral:

Serve is very essential. It is usually very essential because it is the first step towards the fair game. The ball is drop in the center to ensure that none of the sides gets the first hit without causing any kind of rift among players.

Strategy Building:

You must practice different types of strategies. In an empty time, practice different strategies which you can encounter or which you fear the most. Working on this aspect proves your stronghold and mental setup.

When you learn different types of strategies, it becomes easy for you to understand the opponent’s strategies as well and hence the game seems doable in quick time.

You must always keep an eye on your opponent’s players and defense. They tend to keep changing as you keep moving forward and backward with the ball or vice versa. You need to stay alert.

Control of the Game:

You must practice control over the ball and the bars. This only adds to the many benefits of the practice that you keep doing over and over again.

The control means that you are in charge of your bars and you also know how to direct the ball and where to want the ball. You must practice control as much as possible because it only has a positive result and nothing else.

Angled and Ready Player at All Time:

Keep all your players at a certain angle and ready. This will help you when you are above to pass the ball to your forwards, and you already have the players at go. When the players are ready, this will save your time and also you will move forward quickly.

Wall Passes and Other Shots:

One of the best tips anyone can give you is the learning and practicing of different types of passes. There are different passes which you can practice in your free time if you wish to learn the mastery of this game of foosball. There are many shots which can be learned such as:

Wall Passes:

These types of passes are an excellent source for goal opportunity. You will need to pass the ball between your 5 men rod and dribble among it a bit and then hit the shot when you see the opening to your 3 men forward.

Bounce Pass:

Such pass involves the pass-through wall but with such angle and speed that the ball will bounce back to the angle which you wished for.

Pull Shot:

You will need to line you forward at the far end of the goal. In this way, you will see an opening, and you will fire as fast as you can with the ball at the player’s inside edge.

Push Shot:

This type of shot can be played when you have the ball at the outside edge of the player.

What you need to do is make one shot your trademark and practice the rest. That trademark will determine the goal when you see an opportunity while other shots will work as a surprise agent.

You also need to learn how to pass forward and backward as you need both. But mostly it is seen that newcomers rely on passing the ball backwards. But here I must mention that forward pass can be a bit difficult but very effective and puts pressure on the opponent.

Dribble with Goalie:

Dribbling with the goalie is an excellent tip to practice your control. This is a pro level tip. Many newcomers try on it, but since the level of difficulty is high, they prefer to practice simple tricks like passing and shooting.

But if you keep practicing dribbling then let me assure you that your expertise will soon pay off and you will emerge as a pro level player. Whenever you see an opening, forward the ball to your five-man rod.

P.S.: don’t get too much involved in dribbling that you put ball inside your own goal.

Goalie and Defense:

Try to keep your goalie and 2 bars in sync. This will help in proving a strong defense against the opponent. It is somewhat difficult, but it also means that you are ready for the highest rank of the game.

Keeping your goalie and defense bar in sync prove that you are capable of playing with both hands and you grip on the bars is just as strong as you expect from any pro.

Put all Your Players to Work:

You must practice all your bars to be in your control at all time of the play. This will ensure your grip on the game, and also you will come forward as a serious and pro player. When you put all of your players in active mode, it helps you in getting control of the ball, and once you get the ball, you know very well how to use that opportunity to make a goal.


If you were to follow the tips and tricks which I mentioned above, then I am sure that you will surprise your opponent to a high level.

Although these tips are of somewhat high level and you will face some kind of difficulty, but with regular practice, I am sure that you will become master in it no time.

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