Step by Step Guide to Replace Foosball Players Yourself

Who does not love foosball? It is a game which is so much loved by the people that we find it in so many homes other than clubs and game zones. Those who keep these games at home love them to bits.

They take care of them in such specials ways that sometimes we envy these tables. Yes, it is true.

But even they can get confused when they are to change the players on the rods. It can get tricky, but overall it rather is a simple and easy thing to do. But we have seen that most of the people tend to go to professional for help.

Today we will be guiding you step by step about how you can change the players all by yourself, and you will not need the help of any professional or any other person in this matter.

Why do you need to remove the players?

With time, we notice some changes to the players of the foosball. Those changes are the factors which tell us about the removal or replacing them. There can be various reasons, but few of the major ones are as under:

  • Foosball player(s) may appear to be broken,
  • They color or designing began to fade with time,
  • You found another amazingly cool set of players,
  • You want to move the table elsewhere and put on a new set of players for new impact,
  • You want to have different teams with different color schemes,
  • You are tired of having the same players set from ever,
  • Whether you want the change or the players are causing the change; the change is evitable, and it is always healthy as well.

Things you need for replacing the foosball players:

You are going to need a few tools and other stuff when you plan to replace your foosball players. Such as;

  • A hammer,
  • A screw driver,
  • Zip bags,
  • New players,
  • Wooden bracer block for rods
  • Spare piece of clean cloth

These things will help you when you wish to replace the players. A hammer or screw driver is for technical purposes. They will loosen up the rod and allow you to move the place form their places.

The jammers and nuts and bolts will have to be removed when you wish to replace the players of foosball.

Zip bags are for keeping the players safely in them while you have spare for the screws and nuts and bolts. Not to mention the new players will already be in a separate box or bag.

The wooden block is optional, but it is better to have something which you can place underneath the rod when you are working on your little project.

The spare cloth will be used to protect the surface of the table form any dust or debris which fall from the rod when replacing the players from it.

How To Do The Replacing?

Although the replacing is very easy for an untrained eye if you look closely it requires a little bit of effort and a lot of patience. You must follow the following step, and you will not need any help from anyone. Also, you will never need professional aid either.

Step 1 – Lay Out the Cloth On the Table:

You must remember to lay out the spare piece of cloth on the top of the table. It will collect all of the dirt or shards which happens whenever you try to replace the men on the rods. Also, the cloth protects the surface of the table and gives long life to it.

Step 2 – Lose the Bearings and Rods:

You will notice that your foosball table has bearings and bolts and nuts which have kept the rods in position. You need to lose them. You can always start from the handles by removing the handles and unlocking them.

Then go for the bearings. You will see that bearing is at both ends which causes the rods to stay fixed and they don’t cross the desired limit. So loosen that bearing up to that limit which loosens the rod as well.
When you realise that the rod has become loose as well, then you know it’s time to remove the men.

Step 3 – Remove the Players:

When you are about to remove the players remember that you can change the whole set or just one man. When you are removing the whole set, you need to remain patient and do it one rod at a time. Take one rod out and remove its men and adds the new ones carefully keeping in mind the number of players on that rod.

Then you can proceed to the nest rod and simultaneously its players as well not forgetting about the number of players on that rod and position.

If you are replacing just one player, then you have only to lose that particular rod and replace the man on it. Here you must keep in mind that that player can be in the center as well then you have to remove the player who comes before it and them the damages player.

When you have removed the damaged one, replace it with a new one and put it in the original position. Then add the other players and put the rod back in its place.

You must also place that wooden bracer block underneath the rod so that when you are removing the player or players, the rod will not get damaged or get turned slightly.

Step 4 – add new players:

You must remember that when you are adding the whole new set of players, you must secure the old one in one of those zip bags which we selected and placed near us when we collected the things needed for this replacement.

They are keeping the old one safe means that they can be used in the future as well. But if you are changing just one or two because they are damaged or broken, then I suggest you throw them away as they are of no use and there is absolutely no point in keeping them safe.

Step 5 – adjust the rod and lock them tightly:

When you have put the men on the rod(s) and out the rod in its original place allotted on the side of the foosball table, you need to follow the original procedure or replacement but in reverse.

Remove the block and carefully place the rod in its place and work towards the locking and holdings.

Put all the nuts and bolts in its place and tighten them up with the help of a screwdriver. When the nuts ate tight enough, then go for the bearing. The bearing is significant as they keep the rod in its place and working position.

When the bearing is all done and secured, then go for the handles and fix them accordingly. You must first try to play a few testing shots with the current fixing so that you know for sure that everything is in place and working just fine.

In case the rod is not fixed properly, or nuts and bolts are still slightly loose then you must do the tightening and make sure everything is fixed properly and ready for play.

Few tips when replacement is happening:

Here are a few tips that one should remember when you are replacing the men of your foosball table.

  • The whole set of players comes very expensive, and you cannot do that every once a while, so keep the old set safely and securely with you. Keep the players dry and safe in a humidity-free airtight bags like zip lock bags. You will not like to damage the old ones because you can replace them too whenever you want by simply following the above mention step.
  • If you plan to do the replacing and you can get an extra set of hands as in help, then it is better as you never know when you can need any kind of help. So keep a friend or two with you when you are doing the replacing of players.
  • Always follow the instruction about the bearings and holdings. You don’t have to apply extra pressure on them, but you have to use technology and do the work.
  • When you have removed the nuts and bearings, keep them safely at one side and marks them according to the rod. This will help you when you wish to replace them again on the rod. All you will need then is that bag of that particular rod and get it done. This point is mostly valid when you are working up for the whole set of new players and removing nearly all rods.
  • When you are about to use a hammer or other things, remain patient and control the speed and pressure; otherwise, you might damage the rod.
  • Also, try to keep the pressure of the rod when you are taking the men out of the rod. Don’t apply pressure but do everything gently and calmly.
  • While the replacement is happening, don’t take the cloth off but keep it there till everything is done, and you are to remove the cloth. Carefully remove the cloth without letting go of the shards you have collected and dust off the cloth elsewhere.
  • Check every rod and twist them before you finalize the new settings and then open the foosball table for play.


If you follow the above mention steps, I am sure you will be able to change the foosballs players in no time without any difficulty.

Also, the changing will give you the boast in confidence and mastery that you need when you are talking about the foosball game, and you will come as an expert. You can enjoy the limelight.

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