How to Play Practice Foosball by Yourself?

Playing foosball is super fun. Usually, there are two or four players on each side which makes it more fun to be honest. We+ need special skills of quick movements and sharp thinking to succeed in this game. For that, we need constant practice to achieve the upper hand.

You must keep this thing in mind that to play like pros, you will have to practice continuously and patiently. The more you practice, the more grip you will have on your game.

Expertise comes with time and practice. You can spend hours playing foosball with your friends, and that will not count as practice as you are not learning but competing. You must develop a habit of practicing without friends.

But we don’t always have a partner with us. And one would imagine how I would practice foosball by myself?

Well, don’t worry because today I will be guiding you how you can do the practice play all by yourself and learn new techniques and tricks. Below are those points which will help you when you practice alone.

Your Stance or Posture:

One of the most important things about foosball is your posture. The first thing that you can always learn alone is standing in an accurate and proper style. It is not like other physical games like tennis or pool table, but you must develop an easy stance and play according to your style.

You should bend your knees a little and lean slightly forward. Feet must be apart, and you must stay on heels so that you are solid.

Keep your wrist loose so you can operate different rods at the same time. Also, the eyes must be a focus on the opponent’s hands and the ball which is being used in the game.

Here you must remember that staying put in one place does not do any good for you. You must stay alert and active throughout the game. Fast and quick to take up any rod for action play.

Learn From Others:

A perfect way to learn anything is to observe others and try to copy their tricks in alone time. If you have any player around you who is not only good but possess amazing foosball qualities, then try to observe him or her as much possible.

If you cannot find any player, then always take the help of internet or video tapes. You will be able to dissect many moves, and you will learn a lot from them.

Best way to practice any move is to repeat it as many times as possible. Only practicing will make you perfect in that particular shot or move. Try this when you are alone.

Your Grip Will Speak For You:

Foosball is all about control and grip. You must practice your grip on handles. Try playing different shots and use your wrist to understand them properly. Your wrist is your guide, and it will speak for itself once you are in the hold of your wrist.

Here it is noteworthy to mention that if there is a gap between your hand and the handle of the rod, then your grip is just fine, and this is the way it should be. When you are in control, the wrist will be loosely placed, and you will be able to rotate the rods like a master.

Also, when you are alone, practice the usage of two rods with one hand. Like place your thumb and pinky on two defensives at the same time and try practicing rotating them simultaneously. It will take some time for such expertise but once you learn this technique, trust me this; you will be a champion.

Moreover, while you are busy prating holding grips and rotating; don’t forget the most important rule of foosball.

There is absolutely no allowance of spinning. The rod must not spin as well the players on them. You should practice 180-degree twist, but 360 degree is a ban.

Shooting Techniques:

One of the best ways to practice alone is to work on your game skills while learning the shooting. Shooting is about hitting the ball from one rod to another while keeping the men in control and not allowing the opponent to catch the ball in between. Shooting is significant as many shots are all about the ball passing and it requires shooting.

You must practice different angles in your mind and imagine playing against an opponent. Then shoot the ball, you will see that shooting is most difficult as it requires not only the presence of mind but also basic physics and math’s.

Try catching the ball and working different angles. If you learn this thing, then there is nothing to stop you from overshadowing your opponents.

Learning Defense:

When all your basic learning has been done, then it’s time for defense learning. We all know that it is quite tricky as you are required to move very fast and work different throws and catches.

You must learn to move the men in such random fashion and placement that when the ball is on defense, you will not hassle to decide a pattern. Also, learn from old tournaments’ videos in such you can see how professionals are playing defense. Try to learn from them.

You must embrace yourself about a defense that you need to move forward and backward at the same time. You cannot let go of the ball; otherwise, you might face a goal against you. Keeping control of the ball is very essential while you are on defense.


Learning about offensive is not that difficult. You have to keep the ball in your control. Learn different passes where you can gradually move the ball forward and without losing it.

Possessing the ball is the requirement and scoring while having it is the goal. You can practice different passes and bounces which allows you to keep the ball within your control.

You also need to practice the dribbling and pinning against the wall. It helps you overcome the fear that you will lose the ball if you try to pass and only shoot to goal is a high bounce.

Different Shot:

You can take full advantage of your spare and alone moments when you practice different shots. Always try your hands at long pull shots with your 2 men. Best players of this field to the possess this quality. Also, try your deadly 3 men shots and five men shots.

Practice circles around the ball. It creates tension and anxiety among the opponents, and your trick remains hidden. They never know what you are planning to do.

Also, you must remember that you cannot possess the ball for more than 10 seconds so act fast and keep the other guessing as well.

You must also practice the front and back pins in which you don’t let go of the ball, and you keep the possession of it. It works wonder for you when you are playing offensive. Your opponent will get frustrated if he isn’t able to get hold of the ball.

A very common tip for each and every shot practice is that you keep the opposing players as they might appear in reality. This will give you a clue as to what will be happening if you play a certain shot.

Strategies Planning:

When you are alone, you can work on different strategies. Alone time is not about mental notes but executing them on a foosball table.

You can take help from watching others or watching older videos of different tournaments. Also planning your strategies is an excellent way to use your spare time.


Learning foosball is fun but you must have never thought that learning alone could be so engaging and entertaining as well.
If you follow the above mention ways to make maximum usage of your alone time while learning more about foosball then I am sure you will meet others like expert and nothing else.

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