12 Essential Tips to Buy a Used Foosball Table

Whether you wish to purchase a foosball table for your game room or just for the sake of your personal fun, you must know the difference between the used one and the brand-new foosball table.

There are many factors which can make you confused, but you must stay clear what you want and what are you looking for.

Today we will be guiding you about the purchasing of a used foosball table and how you can choose the best one for you. So, let’s get started.

There are a few major points which you must keep in mind before you buy a used foosball table. You should never hurry in purchasing it because what may seem like the best, and the last option might be the starting one.

So, stay focused on your choice and requirements and goes for the search whether online or market. Both help on a great scale.

The Things You Must Notice:


It defines the basic budget you have for the purchase of a foosball table. When you are going for a used one, then the window is quite wide. You will find lots of opportunities, and you can scroll through them at your ease.

Everything starts with the budget. You must check all the factors which are most essential in buying a used foosball table and then process with the price. But never hurry if you find a less priced table. There can be something awfully wrong with the rods or men on them. Just make sure everything is fine before you finalize the price.

Also, keep the option of negotiation open. It is best to have all sort of options valid for yourself, so you can toss between them and find what suits you best. In buying a used foosball table, you can say that the price is much less than original or brand new, so that is a plus.

The Surface of the Foosball Table:

When you are opting for the used foosball table, you should make sure that the surface of the table is smooth and hard. If the top is too smooth or it is bumpy, then you will not want that because the ball cannot run smoothly on an uneven surface.

Usually, a used foosball table will have such things like used surface, and the condition of the surface will determine the effectiveness of it. It ought to be smooth otherwise the rugged top surface will make it hard for the ball to travel without hiccups.

Chipped Corners:

One of the major things to be noted when you are purchasing a used table is the corners of the goal. If you notice that there are chipped, then you might not want that. Because the chipped corners tell that low material has been used in the manufacturing of the foosball table and that material is long lasting at all.

You need to stay alert and look for such minute things because they speak for manufacturing. If the material used in the making of foosball is up to standard and there is no low maintenance item involved, then I am sure that the look will speak for itself and you will notice immediately even if the table is used.

Always go with finely made and proper finished table. No chipping or damaged part.

Men on Rod:

It is essential to examine the men on rods because they tell us about many things. Such as,

  • The amount of play that has been made on it and then hitting the men have been giving,
  • The taking care process of the owner/seller can also clearly observe by the condition the men on the rod.
  • The weight speaks for the fact whether they move with the movement of rod or not.
  • Is there is any chipped player or men on the rod? If yes, then why hasn’t that been changed?
  • Are the men jammed to the rod, or they can be taken off from it?
  • If any men are missing from the 3 men rod or 5 men rod?

You need to make sure that everything is in order before you finalize the deal and once you get hold of it, examine closely when you get home.


The rod matter the most, if I am being honest. They are the main equipment, and they operate the whole game. So, whether they are hollow or solid, they must be in good conditions. You need to make sure the following important things.

  • Are all rods in perfect positions?
  • They must be straight and not bend because a bent rod does not function as smoothly as a straight one, and a bent rod does not hold the men in their perfect positions as well.
  • Go with hollow steel rods as they tend to keep active and they are easy to use and twist. They are not heavy, and they are also very light which adds to the benefits of having such rods.
  • Heavy rods are also fine, they are just a little bit more demanding and needs proper attention and strong grip for them to operate.
  • How are the men behaving on them? Are the men moving or they are still in position?

When you are going with used foosball table, then you must keep this thing in your mind that rods much be clean and in perfect working condition. Plus, they should not be broken or bend and also notice if there is any part of the rod that is not fixed or chipped.


The handles of the rod speak a lot about their handling. The condition matters a lot as they should be a solid structure. Not to be broken or chipped. If the handles are not intact, then you must ask the seller whether he will be proving them or not.

If not then you will have to purchase them by yourself who is adding to the budget of yours because handles will be worth something and that is extra from your foosball table price.


When you go through the market for the purchasing or even when you search online, you will see that foosball tables are made of various materials. Some are long lasting while some are not with that long levity.

You will see that foosball tables made out of hardboard and solid wood. Also, particle board and plastic are used in the manufacturing of these tables. Their durability varies with their main components of making and their worth also.

You go with what suits you best financially and durability wise because you look into what is beneficial to you, not what others say or tell you. Personally, I think wood foosball table last long.

You must ask from the seller about the construction. The material used in the foosball of your choice must last long with you; otherwise, you will have to go through the same hassle of looking for the good and decent foosball again and again.

Goalie Positioning:

You will see during your research that there are two types of configuration of a goalie in foosball.

One is where you have three men set as a goalie. They are found to be in the United Kingdom. They tend to move the game towards more skills and patience and techniques.

While the other type in which most common. The one-man goalie configuration which is easily found everywhere. This type of setting keeps the pace of the game fast and quick. Also, it is the favorite among the general public.

You must keep this small detail in your mind. Because if you are aware of three men’s setting, then there is no need to go for that. You cannot take maximum benefit just because you think it looks fancy and challenging.


The size of the foosball table matters a lot. It usually depends upon the area you have selected for your foosball table. If it is a room that you have selected, then you can select a large size table but if there will no room but garage-like space then you can opt for a small size which will have better placement and storage will not be an issue.

Usually, the average size of a foosball table is 7 feet by 8 feet. Keep the distance of rods and handles. Also, the space required for the players to stand and freely play without getting interrupted by walls and tight spaces.

Keep your space in mind and then do the purchasing. It might happen that once you have purchased and size became either too small for your place or too large to even fit in the room. Do the measuring before the hunt of purchase and then find the perfect size for you. Also, remember that if you are intent on letting children play on your foosball table then what size is more suitable in that regard as well.

Table Levelers:

Table levelers are important when you are opting for that foosball table that has legs, and you want them to stay stable in their positions. If you have selected that foosball table which has legs then you must look for table levelers. They are of utmost importance because they keep the surface leveled and balanced.

Also, the stability matters the most when you are going hard on the handles and rods and grueling into the game, you would not like if the table is not stable and you have that disbalancing movement of it.

Always ask for the table levelers if your selected foosball table has legs. Ask the seller if there are any. And if not then will he or she be providing them or not. Keep in your mind that opting for such table means the accurate balance all the time.

Type of Foosball Table:

There are different types of foosball table available in the market. I say don’t stick to one choice but look at all options and then decide for yourself. You might be surprised by the type of foosball table which you were not even looking towards. Types of foosball table are as under:

Standard Foosball Table:

These are those tables which have pretty much the requirement of any foosball table fulfilled. With four legs and solid surface of the table, it is pretty much in everyone’s access, and they vary in price. So, when you are looking at such tables, remember the other factors attached with them like the size of the table or table levelers. You don’t want to buy the incomplete package.

Tabletop Foosball Table:

This type of table is made out of solid wood and usually has no legs. They are made of some sticky pads on the underneath working, so they easily stick to any tabletop. You can even place then on low tables as per your choice.

Those who are looking to teach their kids this game or those children who want to have their own foosball table, then this is a choice for them.

You can do the purchasing for such a table because used one will come not that expensive, and one can polish their skills anytime easily. But you must ask the seller all sort of related questions like sticky pads working and stability of the table. Also, ask for durability.

Combination Type of Foosball Table:

This type is getting famous these days because there are options for other games as well. Like the pool, air hockey, etc. it is like that ideal package where you can play different games as per your choice.

These tables come in slightly expensive range, but it is worth it. If you are opting for such foosball tables, then there are a lot of questions that you should ask from the seller. Like

  • What other games can be played?
  • Is their equipment complete?
  • If not, then will they provide the missing equipment?
  • If not, that will there be a price concession?

Professional Type:

An expensive lot of all, these professional and tournament style foosball tables have all the advanced technology in their making and best of the material used as well. If you are a beginner level player, then don’t go for it. You might even ruin the perfectly made foosball table. These tables are for those who know what they are doing and know their game well.


Last but not least, you must always ask for the guarantee. If the seller is saying that he is selling you an original piece, then he must be having a receipt or guarantee or some sort to support his claim. There is never any damage done if you ask a few questions and you must ask as you are paying a good price and it is your right.


Buying a used foosball table has its own benefits like price and availability which you cannot ignore. But you also need to stay alert and sharp. You don’t want to get scammed by anyone especially if you are purchasing online.

You must ask for proofs and pictures with the latest conditions. I am sure if you followed the points mentioned above to their best then you will end up with amazing foosball table for sure.

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